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Rolex: Spirit of Time

Show Writer | Branded Special Effects Show
Brands have a long-honored tradition of sponsoring theme park attractions—from Honda's Autotopia to Dole's Tiki Room.
With Rolex's Perpetual Arts Initiative, we'll honor Rolex's legacy by 
personifying time itself in an elegant and innovative special fx show.


What if Past, Present, and Future were siblings?

Past is a nostalgic sentimentalist, a major history buff, and a total know-it-all.


And then there’s Present, a true middle child.

She’s just always around. 

Future, the youngest sibling, is easily bored by Past and Present.


Live the Moment

For all of her life, Present has felt eclipsed by her siblings—forgotten by Future and trapped in Past’s shadow. When a crowd of humans make their way into the trio’s magical Time Study to witness the siblings vie for guests’ approval, Present is determined to prove her worth.



3)Waiting Area

4)Finale Show

Guests make their way through the Time Sanctum before the show begins.

Past, Present, and Future introduce the family rivalry and the competition.

Guests freely roam throughout a Time Library to discover the trio's powers and choose a side.

The three siblings battle it out for victory and for guest's approval in The Observatory






1) Queue: A Journey through the Time Sanctum
The attraction is housed in a refined crystal palace, forged out of stone and rainbow glass and topped with a canopy of twinkling stars. It’s an ancient library chronicling every moment for all of humanity—and the start of your show. 

DALL·E 2023-12-26 14.14.22 - An updated concept art for 'The Spirit of Time_ Presented by

2) Pre-Show: A Tradition of Competitive Excellence 

The siblings explain to the guests that they’ve been invited to the Time Sanctum to settle a family rivalry over which sibling is most worthy to receive the all-powerful Fabric of Space and Time. Dismissive of their sister Present, Past and Future challenge the guests to explore the Time Study and choose a side, before reconvening in the Observatory where the competition will take place.

DALL·E 2024-02-04 16.07.48 - Create an image depicting a small, elevated catwalk stage ins

3) A Library with Cutting-Edge Interactivity

Exploring the space, guests are challenged to decide which sibling they support. Will they join Team Past with his nostalgic displays of yore? Or will they back Future with their cutting-edge glimpses of tomorrow? With only one piece in the Study, Present can’t compete. 

DALL·E 2024-02-09 21.44.12 - Visualize a grand and sophisticated library room, designed as

In Past's section, Paleolithic caves with glowing, animated paintings that light up, as if they are being drawn in real time, silhouettes of Mark Antony and Cleopatra dancing in the Egyptian night; and digital Chinese fireworks shoot out of books. 


In future's section, animatronic robots lead political town halls, laser lights consume guests in music concerts of the future, projection-mapped cities rise out of thin air, and interactive virtual aging mirrors show guests what they’ll look like in 50 years. 

4) A Regal Proscenium Show with an Iconic Finale

After Past and Future inadvertently take the competition too far, nearly ripping the fabric of space and time, Present saves the day.

The three join hands. Curtains lift up around the the theatre, revealing floor-to-wall mirrors that create a Kusama-esque infinity room.

Rolex Show Reveal.gif

A Timely Celebration of the Present  
Leaving the showroom, guests come face to face with a mirror and poem revealing the most powerful tool in Present's arsenal—you.


Luxury Souvenirs for Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday
Spirit of Time, like all attractions, ends at the gift shop, where guests can purchased exclusive, character-inspired watches.

Untitled design-2 (1).png
I based this brand activation off of a speculative project completed through the Themed Entertainment Creative Academy Pitch Deck Program in the summer of 2020. In four weeks, our team of five young professionals was tasked to create a pitch deck, complete with a detailed audience experience treatment, concept art, 3D renderings, and graphic design, for an original special effects show based on the theme of time travel.The medium and theme were randomly assigned to us. Over the course of four weeks and under the mentorship of legend Dave Cobb, we produced this presentation and ultimately pitched it to a panel of industry leaders.

I have since revised the project to be brand-specific and used Dall·E 2-generated images to aid in art direction.

The Original Team
Alec Zbornak (Show Writer)
Arielle Spencer (Concept Artist)
Dave Cobb (Mentor)

Kali Fuller (Concept Artist)
Kyle Branch (Graphic Designer)
Melissa Carin (Associate Producer)

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