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Background Illustration by Kyle Branch; Character Illustration by Kali Fuller

Spirit of Time

Show Writer: Completed through the Themed Entertainment Creative Academy Pitch Deck Program in the summer of 2020, Spirit of Time is an original, 30-minute, walk-through special effects show theorized for a large-scale theme park.

The Goal
In four weeks, our team of five young professionals was tasked to create a pitch deck, complete with a detailed audience experience treatment, concept art, 3D renderings, and graphic design, for an original special effects show based on the theme of time travel.

The medium and theme were randomly assigned to us. Over the course of four weeks and under the mentorship of legend Dave Cobb, we produced this presentation and ultimately pitched it to a panel of industry leaders, who gave our project overwhelmingly positive reviews. 


Façade Rendering by Arielle Spencer


Attraction Plan Rendering by Kali Fuller


Background Illustration by Kyle Branch; Character Illustration by Kali Fuller

The oldest sibling. Past is a nostalgic sentimentalist, a major history buff, and a total know it all. Past looks down on his other siblings for not being significant or memorable enough. 

The youngest sibling. Easily bored by the Past and Present, Future is all about the new and cutting-edge. They believe that the only things exciting are those ahead of us.

The middle sibling in all aspects of the term. Having internalized Past’s and Future’s criticisms, Present feels overlooked but hopes to use this competition to finally prove her place.


The Story

What if the Past, Present, and Future were siblings? For all of her life, Present, has felt eclipsed by her siblings—forgotten by Future and trapped in Past’s shadow. But when a crowd of humans make their way into the trio’s magical Time Study, Present is determined to finally prove her worth—to her siblings, to the world, and to herself. In a timeless sibling rivalry, Past, Present, and Future vie for the guests’ approval and the magical Fabric of Space and Time, through impressive displays of time travel and special effects. Join Present to live the moment in this interactive journey through time!


Plaque Design by Kyle Branch; Poem by Alec Zbornak

The Team
Alec Zbornak (Show Writer)
Arielle Spencer (Concept Artist)
Dave Cobb (Mentor)
Kali Fuller (Concept Artist)
Kyle Branch (Graphic Designer)
Melissa Carin (Associate Producer)

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