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The Starbucks

National Spelling Bee

Concept Development, Copywriter | Ad Campaign (Spec)
Over the years, Starbucks has become more famous for misspelling names than serving coffee.
Let's admit they need some help with spelling by announcing Starbucks as the sponsor of the National Spelling Bee.
All finalists receive sponsorships through the Starbucks College Achievement Plan. 

A Moment of Caffeine-Fueled Earnesty

Starbucks Announcement v3.png

Whatever will John Oliver think of this? 

Starbucks Wall PSD Mockup.png

A Bee-utiful New Visual Identity
We wanted to create a unique, instantly recognizable aesthetic that brings the chaotic hand-drawn excitement of school days to life while feeling right for both partners. 

Starbcuks Menu.png
Starbcuks Pick Up v3.png

An Activation Taking Misspelling to the Streets 
As part of the build up to this announcement, Starbucks will covertly misspell it’s name for a week to drive a media frenzy. 

The Team
Alec Zbornak (Concept Development, Writer)
Andy Zhao (Artistic Directo
Gabriel Sehringer (Mentor)

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